Healthy sleeping tips and tricks by Christian Fletcher

Healthy sleeping tips and tricks by Christian Fletcher

If you want to perform actions during the day, then you must know that getting sufficient sleep is necessary. Sleep provides tranquillity to the mind and body. Getting sound sleep allows us to do our day to day activities with ease. It also eliminates stress and anxiety from our life. A human being should sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day. Sleep boosts immunity and protects us from a variety of diseases. 

Christian Fletcher in Atlanta is the CEO of a client-centric laboratory known as LifeBrite Labs. He is quite concerned about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. He gives many health suggestions to people. In today’s time of growing technology and moderness, people spend a lot of time on digital devices, which causes stress. Christian Fletcher advises people about how they can reduce stress by getting a sufficient amount of sleep. 

So let’s find out what Christian Fletcher’s advice is to sleep peacefully. It includes going to sleep on time, avoiding using digital devices just before bed, etc. If you have healthy sleep habits, then you will maintain good sleep patterns. 

Sleep schedule

At times when we try to sleep our mind keeps racing. It may feel like our mind keeps talking to itself, causing us to feel irritated and annoyed. We find it difficult to get sound sleep during the night. As a result, we don’t feel fresh during the day. If you experience such problems, you need to stick to a healthy sleep habit that includes sleeping and waking up on time. Going to sleep and waking up at a specific time every day will regulate the sleep cycle of your body. 

Relaxing activity

You need to practice a relaxing activity in dim light to calm your mind and body before going to bed. You need to perform these activities every day, as it will help suppress anxiety and stress induced thoughts before bed. If you do this activity daily, you will get deep and sound sleep. Getting sound sleep will allow you to feel fresh throughout the day. 

Avoid naps 

Many times when we fail to get sound sleep during the night, we take short naps during the day. Taking short naps during the day makes us feel lazy and doesn’t allow us to do our day to day activities with ease. Taking naps is also the reason that you find it hard to sleep during the night. Power naps help a few people feel relaxed during the day, but if the power nap is not allowing you to sleep thoroughly at night, then you should avoid taking it. 

Exercise daily

You may know that exhaustion leads to sound sleep. You must have noticed whenever you were physically exhausted; you slept more peacefully. Doing rigorous exercises will make you feel tired and will allow you to get sufficient sleep. If you can’t do strenuous activities, then doing some light exercises is also a good idea as compared to no activity. You can exercise at any time of the day, but you should not cut down your sleep to do exercises. 

Comfortable bed 

Most often, we don’t realize the reason we fail to get comfortable sleep in our bed. You must make sure that the mattress and pillows of your bed are comfortable and are of good quality. You also must ensure that the mattress and pillows are not too old and torn. The average life expectancy of a mattress is ten years. If you use comfortable cushions and bedding, then your bed will look more attractive and will invite you to sleep. You must also keep your bed clean so that there will be no dust particles and allergens left on the bed.  

Avoid smoking and drinking

Are you addicted to coffee, or do you love to smoke? You need to know that caffeine and cigarettes can disrupt your sleep. Drinking is also not good for rest. Moreover, you should avoid eating spicy meals right before bed as eating fried foods, or tasty and spicy meals can cause indigestion. Indigestion will make you feel nauseated and cause trouble sleeping. You should eat your dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed as it is a healthy habit that can lead to sound sleep.

Calming activities

You must stop using your phone, laptop, or any other digital devices before going to bed. You need to indulge yourself in calming activities right before going to bed, such as reading or listening to white music. Reading is an excellent habit as it will tire your eyes and will make you fall asleep quickly. 

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