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Things To Know Before You Take Aspirin: Learn From the Healthcare Leader Christian Fletcher

People use aspirin to relieve pain, reduce fever, but the lack of knowledge regarding the use of aspirin safely increases the chances of side effects like nausea, stomach pain, heartburn, gastritis, liver toxicity, etc. Therefore, we’re here to provide you the best guidance on aspirin usage as advised by one of the greatest healthcare leaders […]

Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Clinical Laboratory Testing in the Healthcare Arena

Clinical laboratory testing is one of the most crucial components in detecting and diagnosing diseases in patients. Routine testing facilitates the early detection of life-threatening diseases and potentially unveils preventive measures.  Simply put, it’s considered to be the front line of defense when it comes to the wellbeing of a patient.  According to a study, […]

Christian Fletcher from Lifebrite’s Lifestyle Objectives

Christian Fletcher from Lifebrite's Lifestyle Objectives

What characterizes “smart eating”?  As indicated by Christian Fletcher from Lifebrite, a dinner that has an equivalent amount of natural products, such as vegetables, grains and protein is a healthy food option. By receiving basic nutrients and supplements required for day to day living and prosperity. You’ll also feel more empowered by cutting out preservatives and […]