The Finest Approach to Take Charge of Your Health

Christian Fletcher Labs is a CLIA certified and COLA and CAP accredited research center specializing in toxicology, molecular pathology, respiratory pathogen and blood chemistry testing. We’ve been fruitfully assisting healthcare professionals with actionable information to better care for their patients since inception. Christian Fletcher, LifeBrite’s CEO, promotes the significance of precise accurate information for each individual patient. Considering the rising healthcare costs in dealing with adverse drug reactions, we believe precise mediation reconciliation can save thousands of lives and curtail the number of negative health implications. Therefore, we’ve integrated the lab with cutting-edge technology to ensure best-in-class results. 

  • Our test menu comprises a comprehensive list of services pertaining to toxicology, blood chemistry and molecular pathology.
  • We offer industry-leading turnaround times. Healthcare professionals receive lab results within 24-48 hours and commence the diagnosis process.
  • In order to enhance current workflow, Christian Fletcher Labs has EMR integration that connects with your existing EMRs.
  • LifeBrite is a one-stop-solution for lab testing. Our staff takes the extra mile to foster better health for patients.
  • We’ve launched a specialized respiratory panel to introduce a syndromic and unique approach to identify pathogens.


Extensive Care for Patients

We are proudly committed to providing extensive care for patients. We are an industry-leading research and development laboratory that assures physicians maintain accurate data needed effectively diagnose patients. To serve better healthcare for patients, employees, and individuals, LifeBrite encourages its employees to adapt to innovative technologies and societal changes. We put patients’ health as the prime priority and take every possible measure to shield it.

Preparation for Covid-19 Tests

Having more than seven coronaviruses that infect humans, the Christian Fletcher Labs is well prepared to conduct effective testing for the novel Covid-19 disease and others. Considering the constant increase in coronavirus cases, we’re taking every possible measure to improve patient outcomes. Aside from that, we are currently offering same-day results in order to foster faster diagnosis. This enables healthcare providers to conduct faster treatments for patients.

LifeBrite’s Toxicology Testing 

We’re here to provide you fast and reliable results at one of the nation’s leading laboratories. Our area of specialization includes diagnostic testing and clinical toxicology. That, integrated with highly automated technology, ensures highly precise results. Our state-of-the-art technology enables professionals to test samples effectively.

LifeBrite’s Chemistry Testing

We have a comprehensive test menu, that includes but not limited to, albumin, ALT, amylase, AST, BUN, HIV panels, and so forth. We service pain management specialists, addiction treatment centers and hospital systems all over the country. Our equipment consists of cutting-edge technology to foster accurate test results.

LifeBrite’s Molecular Pathology

We have a state-of-the-art genetic testing facility that analyzes DNA to detect potential mutations. We offer routine health assessments, carrier testing, disease risk assessments, drug treatment optimization, etc. Healthcare providers can make precise medication prescription decisions through leveraging molecular pathology testing. LifeBrite aids this process with reliable laboratory services.